Experience Barnsley Museum

With over 90% of its artefacts contributed by people living and working in the borough, Experience Barnsley is a museum that has been created by the people, for the people.

The huge range of artefacts includes football rattles from the 1950’s, a Littleworth Majorettes outfit from the 1980’s, leather jackets worn by rock band Saxon and Roman coins discovered in Wombwell among many others.

The innovative ‘Making History’ gallery encourages visitors to work with historical evidence and heritage in all its forms. Interactive exhibits include an archaeological dig with hidden treasures including medieval hordes, Roman treasures, linen bobbins and a ‘My Little Pony’! Children will enjoy dressing up in exact replica Roman armour, and will work together to build a replica model of the Penistone Viaduct.

Other exhibits include ‘One Barnsley Address’ where visitors will travel through time from 1690 to 1999 to meet six fascinating characters and discover their stories. Young adventurers can crawl into a 19th century never ending coal mine shaft and discover what it was like for children to work in the mines. Visitors will also be able to listen to a poem contributed by Ian McMillian and watch video footage of Barnsley FC training in the 1930’s.