HEAR MY VOICE - Kate Fox, Women in Industry

Kate Fox and The Women of Tin - Stopping off amidst a northern tour of her funny and thought- provoking show ‘Where’s There’s Muck, There’s Bra’s', stand up poet and Radio 4 regular Kate Fox takes residence in the Experience Barnsley Museum, Learning Lab, in a quest to celebrate the heritage and culture of Northern working-class women. Inspired by archive materials and the real stories of the women who worked at the ‘Greatest Tin Factory in the World’ Barnsley Canister Company, Kate will lead writing workshops and conversations to inspire new writing.  The end result will form a new poetic response created exclusively for Barnsley Museums in honour of the Barnsley Canister Company Exhibition. Kate returns to Barnsley at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday the 13th of April to share her poem.

10.30-12.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm.

free activity

to book a place please email hearmyvoice@barnsley.gov.uk