A life size statue which commemorates the fifty year anniversary of the publication of the literary classic ‘A kestrel for a knave’, will be temporarily on display in Experience Barnsley Museum from Wednesday, 27 February.

The sculpture, which represents the lead character, Billy Casper and his beloved bird KES, was created by artist Graham Ibbeson. Graham who lives and works in Barnsley has produced masterpieces in towns and cities across Britain which includes a statue of Eric Morecambe in Lancashire, Cary Grant in Bristol as well as Dickie Bird right here in Barnsley.

Visitors will be able to see the sculpture up close for the first time, as it takes centre stage in the museum’s main gallery. It is the perfect backdrop for the piece as the museum celebrates the fascinating history of the borough and tells the story of the town through fascinating objects and displays.

The project has been supported by the Kes Group and the the Barry Hines Memorial Committee, who have worked tirelessly in the making the dream of creating the statue as a memorial to author Barry Hines a reality.

Cllr Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place said: “We are thrilled that Experience Barnsley will host the stunning sculpture. KES has incredibly strong connections to the borough and it will be perfectly placed, surrounded by other important objects relating to the towns history. It will be the first time people have the opportunity to see the piece and I am sure they will be impressed by the work. It is also a great opportunity for people to have a look around the town’s award winning, free to enter museum.”

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