Coal not dole – Women against pit closures

Explore the miner's strike of 1984/85 through the story of the Barnsley women who formed their own powerful group to support the striking miners and their families, in a new exhibition at Experience Barnsley from Monday, 3 March.

Thousands of miners faced job losses from pit closures in the 1980s, but Barnsley’s women fought back with a campaign that gained international support.

Coal not dole tells the women’s stories of struggle, hardship and friendship and explores the impact the strike had on the lives of these women, from 30 years ago to the present day.

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson, Development, Environment and Culture, said: “This fascinating exhibition is an opportunity to explore a very well-known local experience from another angle. Visitors will be able to relive the year of the strike through the eyes of the Women Against Pit Closures.”

Admission is free and the exhibition runs until Sunday, 1 June.

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