Tut' 22: The life of Tutankhamun

With this year marking the centenary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922, Barnsley is celebrating with a unique exhibition.

A new exhibition, 'Tut' 22: The life of Tutankhamun',  reveals why this part of Yorkshire is such an important ancient Egyptian outpost.

Curated by Barnsley-born Egyptologist Prof Joann Fletcher, and over two years in the planning, ‘Tut'22: The life of Tutankhamun explores Tutankhamen’s life during the 14th century BC.

The exhibition blends traditional artefacts with mesmerising new technologies to lift the lid on the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. It will also tell the story of local people involved in the rediscovery of the famous ‘boy king’.

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