Barnsley's collections are an inspiring variety of historical material and works of art. At Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre, original archives, photographs, sound, film, archaeology and social and industrial history collections tell the story of Barnsley from prehistoric times to the present day.

We are working towards making all our collections searchable online so we can share them with you and help with whatever subject you are interested in. Currently the online catalogue is limited to sections of the archive collection and a selection of fine art from the Cooper Gallery. However, it is updated each week with new content.

To search our fascinating historical collections please visit

For tips on how to make the best of your online catalogue searches please watch the short help video below.

Our records are used for a wide variety of reasons, including family history research, school projects or even legal disputes. Many of our users delve into archives to explore their family history - to find out who their ancestors were, where they lived, where they worked and how they lived their lives. Others are interested in the history of their local area. What did it look like a century ago? How has it developed? Some researchers want to look at the history of their house. How old is it? What was on the site before it was built? Our records might enable you to answer some of these questions. Students and academics also use our records during the course of their research, using a mix of printed material and original archives.

To make an enquiry about the collection or to offer items to the museum please email

We have records donated to us from members of the public, local businesses and groups throughout the year. Take a look at the video below to see some of the recent donations to the Archives.

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Barnsley football team

Barnsley football team with the FA Cup, 1912

Experience Barnsley

Arthur Bower

Arthur Bower with his wooden rattle which he took to the first Barnsley football match in 1948

Experience Barnsley

Barnsley's first station

Barnsley's first station in Cudworth, 1840

Experience Barnsley

Dave Allemby

London 2012 Olympics touchbearer Dave Allenby

Experience Barnsley

Glass epergne

Glass epergne made by Wood Brothers for the 1851 Great Exhibition in London

Experience Barnsley

Barrow Colliery Disaster

Barrow Colliery Disaster remembrance card, 1907

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Roman coin of Crispina

Roman coin of Crispina, wife of Commodus, AD 180-183

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Helmet worn by women on the picket lines against pit closures in 1984

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McLintocks linen advert

McLintocks linen advert from the 1870s

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Bryony Nixon

Bryony Nixon with her school shirt signed by all friends on the last day of school.