Experience Barnsley is 10!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated our 10th anniversary on 27 June, the celebrations don't end there! We've created this page with a lookback and a public vote to determine your favourite exhibition.

One of the people who joined us for our birthday party was Louise Cassidy who wrote this about her day at the museum:

Birthday cake saying 'Happy 10th Birthday Experience Barnsley Museum' with a picture of the Town Hall on the front

The museum is my favourite place in Barnsley so I couldn’t let the 10th Anniversary go by without visiting.  Myself and my daughter attended the celebrations on Wednesday afternoon. 

The celebrations opened with a brief history of how it all started 10 years ago. There was a lovely buffet laid out in the museum café, with a beautiful celebration cake from Staniforths.

We watched three short films of times gone by, including our lost mining industry and then had a mini auction.

We went to look around the museum and I saw an amazing piece of artwork. A huge cardboard replica of the Town Hall, all designed and put together from cardboard by Amanda Stoner. I can’t imagine how long it took for her to complete.

Each window of the replica town hall represents a past exhibition which you can now vote for online

We headed back to the museum café area where a giant anniversary card was waiting for signatures from people, which I signed;  Finally the cake was cut, it looked so nice it was shame to cut it but taste buds won in the end.

The museum is a really friendly and welcoming place to go. Needless to say we enjoyed the celebration and look forward to many more.

Join in the online celebrations!