Barnsley Serves the World: Stories from the Slazenger Factory

Barnsley Museums is  serving up a treat with this celebration of all things Slazenger.

At the world famous factory,  found right here in Barnsley, brilliant balls were made, later travelling to all the top tournaments, right across the world!

The exhibition showcases the stories of the people who worked there, reliving memories and fun times in the factory.  There are top tennis objects, photographs and films, activities for sporting fans of all ages with lots to see and raise a smile.

For tennis fans or just fans of Barnsley, this exhibition is set to make quite a racquet.


Take a 360° tour of the exhibition

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Stories of Slazenger Podcast

Listen to stories from the Slazenger factory in our oral history collection

Try out one of our digital Slazenger jigsaws!

Would you like to take part in the exhibition? Send us your tennis themed memories and photos here @BarnsleyMuseums #SlazengersBarnsley