Barnsley’s Best Balls Benefit the local Community

As ‘Barnsley Serves the World: Stories from the Slazenger Factory’ draws to a close at Experience Barnsley Museum, balls used as part of the exhibition are being donated to the local community.

Local dog charities such as Radar Dog Rescue, Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity and Goodlife Dog Rescue, who care about the welfare of stray dogs and animals who face an uncertain future, have all received balls to support their work.

Balls were given out at community events, to local school children during the summer holidays and schools across the borough have also made use of the balls, which have been donated for children to enjoy.

‘Barnsley Serves the World’ is a captivating social history display which tells the unlikely story of how Barnsley became the tennis ball capital of the world.

Welcoming thousands of visitors, it shares the fascinating stories of the people who worked there, re-living memories and shop-floor camaraderie. It includes memorabilia, photographs, evocative Pathe films, newly commissioned films as well as activities for sporting fans of all ages.

Councillor Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “‘Barnsley Serves the World’ is another wonderful example of Barnsley Museums working with local people to share the stories of our borough’s past.  The exhibition has been incredibly popular, and it has been fascinating to hear the story of the factory as well as the memories of the people who worked there.  We are delighted that the balls used in the exhibition will benefit people across the borough and will have lasting impact on local communities.”

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