58 Eldon Street

One of the oldest surviving buildings on Eldon Street, this impressive structure was originally built as a textile warehouse for William Till in 1868.

William Till is listed in the 1861 census as a general draper, and in the 1871 census as a ‘Manchester Warehouseman and Draper’ (a wholesaler of linen and cloth from Manchester). He occupied the building until 1877. From 1880-81 it was occupied by J Hindson, who sold corn cake (animal feed) and hay. It then became an Adult Education school, run by the Barnsley Friends, before becoming A Porter and Sons department store in 1896. A Porter was Ann Porter – a widow who set up business with her sons after her husband died. Porter’s specialised in selling china, glass and earthenware household items as well as being a drapers, and was one of the first department stores in Barnsley to cater specifically for women. They regularly advertised in local newspapers. In the 1920s the business had the slogan ‘I am going, you are going, we’re all going to Porters’. Their other slogans included “All the Novelties from London” and “Everything a Lady wears”.

After Porters closed in 1936 the ground floor was split into two; G Burnett and Sons (decorators supplies) and Bessie Evans (women’s fashion). Both shops opened in 1938. Bessie Evans closed in 1968 and Burnett’s in 1980. The building then became a snooker hall (Cue Ball Amusements) in 1988. The current occupant, Leslie Francis hairdressing academy, opened here in 1994 after a major refurbishment.